Open Music Instrument Classification challenge (OpenMIC)

OpenMIC will evaluate systems for the detection of the musical instruments played in music audio files. For this first edition, we will contemplate two uses cases, which lead to two different tasks for participation:

  • Task 1 (classification): systems receive a music audio file and they have to identify the instruments that are played anywhere in that file. See details.
  • Task 2 (retrieval): systems receive an instrument and a corpus of audio files, and they have to return a list of files where the instrument is played. See details.

Tasks are independent of each other, even if systems for task 2 can benefit from systems for task 1. Submissions for one task are independent of submissions for the other task, so you can participate in just one or the two of them.

[TBD] Systems will produce their output based solely on the contents of the audio files. That is, systems are not allowed to use metadata or any other type of data.