How to Contribute to OpenMIC

OpenMIC is a collaborative effort led by a community of researchers interested in Open Science. We are therefore happy to receive as much help as you can give us!.

There are different ways to contribute to OpenMIC. Most of the discussion and development is concentrated in a GitHub repository. You can take a look at the current list of issues and give feedback or propose new ideas. In particular, we have issues related to research questions and issues related to the software aspects of the challenge. Of course, you are welcome to contribute with code as well!

There is also a Google Group set up to receive more high-level notifications about OpenMIC.

You are also welcome to contribute in other ways, such as with data. If you want to help us with the annotations, that will still take some time to set up, but please drop us an email or subscribe to the Google Group to stay up to date.

However you want to contribute, please take a look first at the code of conduct.